Union Exchange

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Establishment date: October 2017

Cupid Network Technology Ltd域名( www.qbtc.ink )Q-Net is a multi-currency digital asset trading platform. It provides various digital asset trading services such as Bitcoin, ETF, Wright coin for global users. It is a secure and reliable digital asset trading platform. Provide users with a safe, fast and fair trading platform for Bitcoin!Our idea is based on the core idea of Bitcoin and Block Chain. We believe that distributed book-keeping and intelligent contract technology will build the trust foundation of human beings, eliminate transaction barriers, improve transaction efficiency, and have a significant impact on the real economy of human beings. So we abandoned the lucrative salary and put ourselves into the wave of the technological revolution in the block chain, hoping to do something to change the world.

Establishment date: April 2018

MXC (Tea Mocha) Exchange is a platform that focuses on the exchange and exchange of block chain assets, which is created by a group of senior practitioners through decentralized self-organization. MXC will provide users with more secure, convenient and intelligent block chain asset circulation services, aggregate global high-quality block chain assets, integrate the world's top security technologies, and strive to build the world's top block chain asset trading platform.

Establishment date: September 2017

CHAOEX is controlled by Xiangyun Gathering Global Technology Development Co., Ltd. of the Cayman Islands. It is registered on the European Estonian Exchange of French Currency and Digital Assets. It is regulated by the Estonian Government and relevant EU laws. The license number FVR000397 has full independent intellectual property rights. It adopts the most advanced distributed memory matching engine in the world, and can be designed at a high usable and distributed level. The combined clearing rate has been increased to millions of TPS, providing users with a fast and high quality matching experience.

Establishment date: January 2018

Hotbit Exchange is a digital asset trading platform focusing on currency transactions. Hotbit's philosophy is to be another Amazon in the digital asset market, providing liquidity support to the project holder and a great experience for investors. Hotbit is headquartered in Hong Kong and is licensed to trade in Estonia's digital assets market. The core members of the team are expertised in computer, finance, games and other fields, some of who have worked for world-renowned companies such as Merrill Lynch.

Establishment date: June 2018

CITEX is a Korean new exchange, registered in Seoul, South Korea, and has opened a Korean legal currency channel to provide investors with a safe, stable and multi-disciplinary digital asset trading experience. It has been invested by more than 20 top institutions worldwide, including GJB, SYSTEM, BlockVC, Capital, Consensus Lab, Tops Fund, etc. In the future, CITEX will continue to introduce quality projects to create a global benchmarking platform for quality benchmarks.

Establishment date: October 2017

YOEXS (Your Exchange is Safe) is a block-chain asset exchange focusing on mining value items. The platform has users in Eastern Europe and Asia, and currently provides CNY, BTC, ETH trading pairs, which perfectly solves the problem of off-site liquidation. We were an early pioneer in the industry. We joined Block Chain Research in 2013 and successfully handled 10 billion dollars of transactions. Our technical team has many years of development experience, bank-level SSL encryption, so that your transactions and assets are more secure. We have a powerful matching system, stable server hardware support, so that you can enjoy the unusual trading experience. 7*24 hours professional service team, can serve tens of thousands of users at the same time, online customer service system responds quickly.

Establishment date: November 2018

POWEX Ecology is an ecosystem formed by ecological investment and cooperation between upstream and downstream industries of global block chains centering on trading platform business. POWEX. PRO will strive to build a global ecological business department responsible for the planning of POWEX's global ecological strategy and the implementation of specific landings worldwide. User first, establish investor protection fund to provide stable value output for community accounts. Project side directly manages the market and grasps the market situation.